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Monday, February 8, 2010

Quizilla mode :))

slps bertensen2 mengadap buku2 ilmiah..tetiba jer tgn nie gatal jer nk klik quizilla..lama xwat kuiz2 nih..skali-skala wat best gak..huhu

what is your spirit

Created by reenabeena

bird..? ((angel, "those with wings"))

Whether your wings are broken, chained, or simply tired, you can be sure that someday you'll be flying again! ^~^ Your birdsong is sweet, or maybe it's sad. Black wings spread out majestically and streak the sky with a story to walk away with, or white wings gracefully soar. Don't let your nightmares override your dreams. Your mind is not corrupted, and you are not sick, rather just eccentric and artistic. The great Sir Poe said, "I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it." Find the strength to arise and fly again.

*oo yeaaahhh im the angel..haha @_@

Friday, February 5, 2010

hectic week T_T

penatnya..byk keje minggu nih..ditambah dgn xde airnya..
next week ada 4 tests n bowling tuk SUKMUM..waa
mmg x pijak tanah la pasnih..
bersabarlaH amal n keep on fighting!!
sume org muka tensen n nk marah jer...rimas dgn xde airnya lg..
mana nk pikir,berserabut kepala n baca sume buku2 ilmiah lg..
lab nya lg...waaa....

*ini bukan rungutan tp luahan hati yg kepenatan..:)
doakan yg terbaek tuk CHARITY AMAL nih..