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Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 QUIZILLA ^^ :)

wooahh...dh lama x mengabdikan diri kt Quizilla..haha..last wat time 2010 i think..huhu..skrng dlm mode nk demam..internet lembab,buka journal berjam2 loading..blogging n quizilla jer yg cepat skit...so, mlm nih wat quiz yg simple2 jer..x perlu berkait rapat ngn idop sgt..yg nk kena pikir dlm2..just a simple quiz..n u noe wat?? they really made my nite tho..haha...

first quiz...
What makes you Crushable?? LOLing guling2 huh!
Created by bidabird..

Your Positive Attitude
You somehow always find the light and joy in things. Even in a bad situation you manage to keep your chin up. Your crush likes that you can always make them smile no matter how down they are.

yup.sy mmg suka think positive..n sy x suka membebankan diri sy dgn masalah2 yg bertimpa2..mmg ada time yg kita ada bykkkk sgt prob yg x tahu bila nk settle..tp chill beb..chill..SENYUM n try to think positive..jgn stress kan diri anda..stress hanya menyebabkan free radical production naik mendadak2 jer...huhu..kalo stress teramat sgt apa kata kuar ngn kwn2..hangout sesama..time2 ni lah SENGALIANZ n Phamily Sengal dpt mengubat kestressan sy..huhu..LOVE U'ALL :))..
tgk lah cam sekarang..keje byk sebenarnyer..tp rilex jer dok wat quizilla...huhu..PEACE!!
anyway, sy xde crush pon skrng..haha..sj suka2 wat quiz nih..huhu

p/s: yg pasti im junhyung biased ^^..xde crush2

Second quiz please..

Do you feel lost in life?
Created by Cenation011

Your path is leading the right way
Your not lost. Your doing great in this crazy, beautiful life. You learned how to laugh at the rain & spread your arms wide open, soaking in the love. Even if you feel down, you know a way to make it all better again. Everyone loves you just the way you are

owh really??? kenapa sy rasa cam lost semcm jer..haha..naaaaaaa,result nih berkait jer ngn result yg ats..conclusion nyer,ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE YO!..
tetapi...ada pembetulan disitu..
im not spreading my arms in da rain...gila! dh macam citer hindustan..huhu
soaking in da love??? omo..omo....
"everyone love u just da way u are"...yeker?? ada org x suka sifat sy yg easy going nih..huhu..xpe2 peduli apa org nk kata.yg penting kita happy..:))..

n of course ini bukan sya..haha..

waaaahhhh byk lg quiz yg best..tp dh sleepy nih..nti2 lah kalo ada masa wat lg..off to bed dulu...nitey2 frenzz..

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